Danelec Connect Digital Platform Unlocks New Vessel & Fleet Operational Efficiencies

Danelec Connect Digital Platform Unlocks New Vessel & Fleet Operational Efficiencies
(Image credit: Danelec)

Leading maritime operational and safety technology company Danelec has launched Danelec Connect, a new digital platform designed to boost operational efficiency, safety and sustainability through significantly enriched Ship Performance Monitoring.

The platform was unveiled at the StormGeo Exclusive Shipping Advisory Board APAC in Singapore on September 21. A powerful cloud-based solution, Danelec’s new software is specifically designed to optimize diverse marine operations and address the many intricacies of vessel, fleet and voyage management.

Danelec Connect is an agnostic platform for extracting operational and business value from automated high-quality data regardless of source or format and across single or multiple vessels. A powerful cloud-based dataspace for storage, analysis, sharing and insight, Danelec Connect powers the maritime sustainability and safety agenda forward with essential new workflows and includes automated reporting to ensure effortless compliance with emission regulations, offering intuitive visuals on fuel consumption, Carbon Intensity Index (CII), and other critical metrics.

Danelec Connect is the culmination of Danelec's acquisition of the Norwegian Ship Performance specialist, Kyma, in late 2021. Leveraging Kyma's Ship Performance Monitoring expertise and Danelec's data-capture capabilities enabled by its market leading Voyage Data Recorders (VDR) and Vessel Remote Server (VRS), Danelec Connect comes from a shared ambition to provide digital access to actionable insights from diverse data for stakeholders across the maritime ecosystem.

2 Christian Treu 1Christian Treu, SVP for Danelec Connect. (Image credit: Danelec)

Commenting on the launch of the new platform, recently appointed SVP for Danelec Connect, Christian Treu said: "Danelec Connect is the result of combining best-in-class technologies and expertise. Kyma's legacy and proficiency within Ship Performance Monitoring and Danelec's maritime data acquisition strengths combine to impact how ship owners manage their fleet with new, more efficient, cost effective and simplified workflows.”

Am important driver for the development of Danelec Connect is the need to base the digitalization of the maritime industry as a whole on enabling faster and easier access to valid data, helping the sector to address significant environmental sustainability, economic and safety challenges in the short and long term.

“We are at the tipping point of maritime industry digitalization. Shipping may lag behind, but we have seen progress on the digital agenda during the past three years and there is much more potential ahead – especially in noon reporting,” continued Treu. “Today, nearly 70% of all ship owners are exploring digital solutions to bring about operational efficiencies. With that transition, I feel confident that the noon reports will be dead and gone within a matter of a few years.”

Through Danelec Connect, ship owner and operator experts can access high-quality, high-frequency and real-time data from a wide range and variety of sensors and systems on board. Acting as an all-encompassing data pool, the platform fuels more accurate decision making, boosts operational efficiency, and supports countless vessel and business initiatives, from reducing fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions to engendering new methods to maximize equipment and technology ROI.

The new platform's automated reporting further ensures effortless emissions compliance with intuitive graphical representation of e.g., fuel consumption, Carbon Intensity Index (CII), and other critical metrics, as well as performance versus the benchmark period. It also employs intelligent notifications to prompt swift action in response to sensor irregularities and missing data, facilitating comprehensive emission reporting and performance analysis.

Designed with flexibility at its core, Danelec Connect breaks the mould through a modular approach to Ship Performance Monitoring. Ship owners can select and combine four plans covering performance monitoring, environmental impact, API only or the full platform, ensuring that customers only pay for what is needed while retaining the option to upscale as operations evolve. By providing cost-effective and streamlined access to the right data for the right stakeholders, Danelec Connect offers unparalleled insights that promote operational efficiency tailored to specific needs.

With a robust API, the new digital platform from Danelec provides for seamless data integration, and allows users to effortlessly transfer data to their chosen cloud or in-house databases, or even integrate data with third-party software platforms. Further, Danelec Connect makes it easy for users to share specific datasets with equipment manufacturers when collaboration calls for it.

“Danelec Connect emerges as an agnostic platform that unifies data from vessels across the maritime sector, fostering sustainability and safety through digitalization. As the maritime industry enters a new era of digital transformation, Danelec Connect stands at the forefront, driving efficiency, reducing operational costs, and propelling the industry toward a more sustainable and connected future,” concluded Treu.


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