UNSEENLABS Announces Record-Breaking Fundraising

UNSEENLABS Announces Record-Breaking Fundraising
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Unseenlabs, a France-based company and global leader in maritime surveillance through detection and geolocation of radio frequency signals from space, announces the closure of an exceptional fundraising round of €85 million. This operation, one of the largest in the space industry, confirms the global interest in Earth observation and marks a new milestone in Unseenlabs’ development. This new funding round brings together new leading investors: Supernova Invest, ISALT via its Strategic Transition Fund, and UNEXO.

All of Unseenlabs’ historical partners—360 Capital, OMNES, Bpifrance, Breizh Up managed by UI Investissement, and S2G Ventures—also reaffirm their support for this new phase by investing in the new funding round.

The strategic allocation of funds will focus on:

  • Consolidation of activity within private sector segments, such as oil and gas, insurance, shipowners, economic intelligence, and offshore energy.
  • Significant expansion of observation capabilities, with the launch of multiple satellites.
  • Strengthening Unseenlabs’ international presence, particularly in the American and Asian markets, which are crucial for the maritime sector.
  • Recruitment of new talent, supporting the company’s strategic vision and operational excellence.
  • Innovation and deployment of new products and solutions, thereby reinforcing Unseenlabs’ position as a leader in RF maritime surveillance solutions.

Founded in 2015 by the Galic brothers, Unseenlabs is revolutionizing maritime surveillance through its proprietary technology for detecting radio frequency signals emitted by ships, enabling precise geolocation of boats from space. Unseenlabs works with dozens of clients internationally, addressing various issues: securing maritime areas, protecting the seabed, tracking ships, combating piracy, etc. To date, the Unseenlabs constellation consists of 11 satellites in orbit located between 500- and 600-kilometer altitudes. Unseenlabs aims to deploy an additional 10 satellites by the end of 2025, improving the performance of the constellation, such as the age of information for its customers.

Next month, Unseenlabs will see its constellation augmented by two new satellites, BRO-12 and BRO-13. These satellites will be launched aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 as part of the Transporter-10 mission from the Vandenberg Space Force Base (USA).

This new fundraising will enable Unseenlabs to intensify its technological innovations and expand its service offering, while strengthening its position as a global leader in RF signal detection. Investors, attracted by the technological breakthrough brought by Unseenlabs and the strength of its economic model, are committed to supporting the company’s long-term vision.

Laurent Piccoli, Partner at ISALT, said: "By partnering with Unseenlabs, ISALT once again chooses the long-term and invests in the future. We are delighted to participate in financing the industrial ambitions of this SME that has developed a unique location technology. Through this partnership, the Strategic Transition Fund continues its commitment to finance and support the most competitive French future champions in their sectors, which our country needs.”

"UNEXO is proud to support Unseenlabs, a flagship of Breton innovation. Our investment reflects our commitment to promoting the entrepreneurial dynamism of our region. Together, we are writing a new chapter of technological success in the Grand Ouest, " said Jérémy Durand, head of venture capital activity at UNEXO Capital investment fund.

All historical partners express their support of this new phase, notably Nicolas Berdou, Investment Director at Bpifrance, who states: "The continued commitment of the French Ministry of Armed Forces and Bpifrance in the New Space domain is reinforced with this renewed participation in this new Series C round carried out by Unseenlabs. This step not only validates their technological solution and their economic model but also strengthens their position as a global leader in data and as a leading service provider for maritime surveillance."

In addition to this investor ecosystem, Unseenlabs also benefited from the support of a consortium of leading banks, coordinated by the Caisse Régionale de Crédit Agricole Mutuel d’Ille-et-Vilaine, acting as coordinator and agent. The banking pool includes Banque CIC Ouest, Banque Populaire Grand Ouest, Caisse d’Epargne et de Prévoyance Bretagne – Pays de Loire, and Caisse de Crédit Mutuel, thus demonstrating significant confidence in Unseenlabs’ vision and growth potential. Furthermore, Barclays’ contribution as an investment bank was crucial in supporting Unseenlabs in its fundraising efforts, alongside the banking pool.


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