The Oceanscience Group has unveiled the first Z-Boat 1800 remotely-operated survey boat with integrated side scan sonar, from Tritech International. The new boat provides a shore operator with real-time high definition side scan imagery from Tritech's StarFish 990F side scan on a portable 1.8m surface vessel.

The StarFish side scan is attached to a special skeg (keel fin) under the Z-Boat, eliminating the need for a dedicated hull mounted transducer. In addition, the compact size of the StarFish topside box means that a single or dual frequency single beam echosounder can still be accommodated on the Z-Boat.

Adrian McDonald, Oceanscience Group, Z-boat comments:

"Adding side scan capability was a natural progression for our development of the Z-boat and the Tritech side scan sonar was selected owing to its small size and good shallow-water performance."

Mike Broadbent, Sales Manager, comments:

"The StarFish has been highly successful in wreck location, shallow water survey and search and recovery applications. The Z-Boat represents a new fast and convenient way to carry out imaging surveys where the deployment of a manned boat may not be possible."
Z-Boats with single beam echosounders are in operation around the world and can perform shallow water hydrographic surveys in natural and industrial water environments.

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