SensorTech has announced the acquisition of an acoustic test tank that will serve as the primary test facility for prototype acoustic evaluation of underwater devices. The facility will be located at their hydrophone and transducer manufacturing facility at COVE, in Nova Scotia.

Earlier this year SensorTech created the Atlantic Acoustics Collective (AAC) that brought together members of the ocean tech community to identify common obstacles in testing and calibrating their collective products.

The SensorTech testing facility will be open to the Ocean Tech community year-round, to fill a gap that the company identified through their creation of the Acoustics Collective and will include a fully automated data gathering system and associated mechanical support equipment. The new facility will be able to measure the acoustic characteristics of sonar system components, including (but not limited to) transducers, hydrophones, small arrays – with the potential of full system and vehicle testing.

SensorTech will have the capability to perform extensive acoustic, mechanical, and electrical measurements. The company hopes to fill a void that they feel is mirrored among their friends in the community for a facility that is easy to access, easy to schedule, that can provide reliable data in the end-to-end calibration of acoustic sensors.

As a company with 36 years of experience, this area has always been a challenge and SensorTech realized we weren’t alone. Creating the Atlantic Acoustics Collective has shed light on the need for this type of facility to be available to the growing ocean tech community.

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