The Sailbuoy is a long endurance unmanned surface vehicle for the oceans. Field proven to stay for months at sea, it navigates the oceans autonomously - transmitting back data at regular intervals. The Sailbuoy can be used for a wide variety of ocean applications. From measuring ocean and atmospheric parameters to tracking oil spills or acting as a communication relay station for subsea instrumentation. You can follow the Sailbuoy and update tracks in real-time from your computer.

After many enquiries regarding the risk of collision on the open sea Offshore Sensing has performed extensive realistic testing for this purpose. The collision testing was performed using an offshore standby vessel, Havila Troll, in the North Sea. The Sailbuoy has previously proven that it can navigate for weeks in storm conditions and has now proven that it can stand a direct hit by a large offshore vessel.

A video of this test can be seen here or here.

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