Precision Design Engineering Corporation Grows Contract Manufacturing Capability through Automation and Robotics

Precision Design Engineering Corporation Grows Contract Manufacturing Capability through Automation and Robotics

It’s a market differentiator for Precision Design Engineering – the acquisition of state-of-the-art automated, robotically fed manufacturing machine tools…increasing productivity and lowering cost.

Precision Design Engineering Corporation (, providing manufacturing services for the military, marine, institutional and medical industries, announced their acquisition and deployment of new capacity featuring fully automated machining equipment including robotics, thereby paving the way for automated overnight or “lights out” manufacturing at its facility.

The company, headed by CEO Ron Gerace, has invested more than $200,000 to bring the HAAS VF2SS automated machine tool and Universal Robots UR10E to its Wareham facility. The HAAS VF2SS with automation enables production and inspection coupled with state-of-the-art robotics enables of high-precision parts with limited or no human intervention.

Presently, Precision Design Engineering runs two employee-operated shifts and now, with the implementation of the HAAS machine, a third overnight shift. The HAAS produces high-precision parts found in a large variety of applications, including cockpit panels for B2 bombers, deep sea unmanned autonomous vehicles, ropeless lobster traps and medical extruders.

Viewers of WCVB’s “Made in Massachusetts” recently got the chance to see the automated machine and its robotic arm in action. The segment can be viewed by accessing this link.

“Robotics is the wave of the future and we’re excited to be at its forefront within our industry,” said Gerace. “It can be a real game changer for manufacturing facilities, allowing for beefed up production – particularly during times such as these when recruiting and retaining personnel can be challenging.”

He added, “We do not see automated and robotic manufacturing as a replacement for employees but rather a supplement. It can be difficult to attract talent in this labor market, and for companies who have orders to fill and need higher levels of production, robotics can fill that gap.”

Gerace plans to host a reception at his Wareham facility later in the year to introduce the new technology to the community.



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