PortVision® Improves Vessel-Tracking Intelligence for Better Visibility, Transparency and Market Insights

- The Vessel Intelligence™ module for PortVision significantly expands the vessel details currently available from Automatic Identification System (AIS) data, alone.

- Includes more than 50 attributes on 10,000 workboats and offshore support vessels (OSVs) to provide most complete representation possible, from horsepower and deck space information to specialized capabilities and vessel operator contact details.

- New vessel search capability enables customers to quickly identify the right vessel for the job based on features and current location, speeding response for incidents or operational needs.

The U.S. Coast Guard added five new data fields in 2015 to expand information about vessel size and voyage details. However, information provided by AIS data, alone, is limited to a set of unique vessel identifiers with minimal, and usually inaccurate, vessel dimensions. With PortVision’s new Vessel Intelligence module, users now have access to information about 50 additional vessel attributes across 10,000 workboats and OSVs, making it significantly easier to identify vessels with specific features or locate nearby vessels for operational or incident-response purposes. PortVision users now have the ability to build custom fleets based on these unique attributes so they can quickly identify not only the best vessel for the job, but what vessel can be there first.
Feature Highlights:
Enhanced search and analytics capabilities
- Search regionally or globally for vessels with specific attributes, such as all OSVs in the Gulf of Mexico that have a 400-ton-or-larger crane.

- Determine whether a vessel meets specific requirements by analyzing attributes ranging from moon-pool and total personnel capacity, to main engine horsepower and on-board equipment.

- Schedule email alerts when a vessel of interest stops, starts, departs, arrives, slows, heads in a new direction or otherwise changes its behavior. - Receive customized reports on current position and other attributes for one or more vessels.

Improved historical view
- Display full vessel movement history for any specific vessel of interest

- Identify all vessels that have been working in a specific lease block.

- See what vessels are doing now and how long they’ve been doing it.

Better incident response
-Identify available vessels in close proximity to the incident.

-Incorporate available port calls for re-supply planning.

About PortVision
PortVision’s web-based enterprise software and services help oil companies, marine terminal operators, fleet owners/operators and other maritime users improve business operations through instant, continuous visibility into vessel and terminal activities. PortVision’s enterprise software solutions leverage the company’s Automated Identification System (AIS) vessel-tracking service to automate and enhance operations, reduce costs, improve safety and security, and drive better business decisions. The PortVision service also has been deployed by homeland security agencies and government and regulatory bodies, incident responders, insurance providers and legal entities. Based in Houston, Texas, PortVision is service of Oceaneering International Inc. (NYSE: OII), a global oilfield provider of engineered services and products, primarily to the offshore oil and gas industry, with a focus on deepwater applications. Through the use of its applied technology expertise, Oceaneering also serves the defense, entertainment, and aerospace industries. For more information about Oceaneering visit www.oceaneering.com. For more information about PortVision, visit www.portvision.com.