Following the purchase of the CONTROS range of instruments by -4H-JENA, Planet Ocean announced that as well as continuing to offer the world class range of CONTROS dissolved gas technology for CH4, CO2, PCO2, pH and Total Alkalinity; Planet Ocean will now be introducing the other -4H-JENA range of marine technology products.

-4H-JENA produce custom FerryBox systems for installation in vessels, designed to suit each individual application with sensors, processing telemetry and mechanical configuration to meet the specific application. In addition, the Underwater Node systems provide the necessary infrastructure in terms of electrical power and data connections to continuously operate complex sensor systems having high power consumption on the seafloor and are eminently suitable for the CONTROS dissolved gas systems. Often deployed in shallow water, (< 300 m) the underwater node can be installed with a cable connection to shore up to 30 km offshore (3 nodes connected in series, each 10 km distance to shore) for year-round operation. Thus, providing the opportunity for a continuous observation of processes in the oceans and coastal areas.

2FBIFREMER2For more details about the -4H-JENA Marine Systems click here.

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