On February 21, 2019, Planet Ocean Ltd and EOM Offshore LLC formed a strategic relationship. Planet Ocean Ltd will now serve as an exclusive representative for EOM Offshore in the UK and Ireland.

adwsPlanet Ocean represents a broad range of oceanographic instruments in the industry and the addition of EOM Offshore’s specialized mooring equipment to its portfolio will strengthen the company’s capabilities.

EOM Offshore is a Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI) spinoff that was established to commercialize its patented Stretch EM Cable, along with its Electromechanical Chain and its Marine Recovery Systems. The Stretch EM Cable solves many problems commonly associated with traditional catenary mooring systems, and it provides an ideal platform for real-time acoustic monitoring, due to its ability to isolate ambient noise from acoustic sensors that are on the mooring.

1 IMG 5480EOM Offshore strives to develop new products using its patented Stretch EM Cable technology. EOM Offshore was recently awarded a Small Business Innovation Research grant to develop a version of its stretch cable carrying fiber optics, and it has developed a prototype for a conservation mooring that will be used to restore seagrass meadows in ports and harbors.

Terry Sloane MD of Planet Ocean commented “We are extremely proud to be associated with EOM Offshore. Two of the biggest problems associated with deploying data buoys are (a) keeping them on station in relatively deep water and (b) getting data and power to and from the buoy to an instrument fixed to the seabed”.

2 The EOM cables designed by engineers at WHOI, are essentially rubber cords that can stretch to 2.5 times their un-stretched lengths. This means that buoys can be deployed on tight moorings, restricting their movement on the surface. What is more remarkable about the EOM solution is that the rubber has cable embedded within so that data and power can be carried thus solving two problems at the same time”.

EOM Chairman and CEO Dr. David G. Aubrey added: "EOM Offshore LLC is anxious to provide a broad introduction of its technology offerings to the market place, expanding from its enthusiastic adoption by U.S. academic institutions. By teaming with market leaders such as Planet Ocean Ltd, our tradition-breaking solutions will gain a broader application."

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