Ocean Systems: A New Division of Randolph and Baldwin, Inc.

Elizabeth Kelley, The president of Randolph and Baldwin Inc. has announced the formation of Ocean Systems. Kelley explained that Randolph and Baldwin, Inc., a top tier manufacturer of precision components used in defense programs such as the Patriot missile system and the Aegis missile frigates, has been asked to work with Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute to produce specialized equipment for the Ocean Observatories Initiative. To accomplish this project Kelley said, "We have expanded our staff, our facilities and our production capability. It made sense to offer this high quality manufacturing environment to other companies outside of the defense industry."

Ocean Systems will offer to those companies that are developing new products or looking to expand production of a popular product, the quality and precise workmanship that is required to make oceanographic equipment perform and maintain in an aggressive environment. At the same time they will offer the increased production and economies of scale that are usually not available in a small shop. The expertise and capabilities possessed by Ocean Systems range from manufactured parts as small as a screw to large assemblies that stand 25 feet tall, all made in the U.S.A.

Ocean Systems is located in Ayer, Massachusetts and can be contacted by Phone-978 772 4095 or Fax-978 772 7060.

Email: sales@randolphandbaldwin.com

PO Box729, Ayer, MA 01432 USA