Ocean Oasis Awarded Support from SPEGC and ICEX Invest in Spain

Ocean Oasis Awarded Support from SPEGC and ICEX Invest in Spain
Sebastian Feimblatt, COO Ocean Oasis Group and CEO Ocean Oasis Canarias, S.L.

Ocean Oasis has been granted support from the authorities in Spain and Gran Canaria for its establishment and operations in Gran Canaria.

This support goes together with the collaboration with PLOCAN for the testing of the technology demonstration pilot buoy off the coast of Gran Canaria. It is provided to Ocean Oasis’ newly established wholly owned subsidiary in Spain, Ocean Oasis Canarias, S.L. 

We highly appreciate the warm welcome and great support received from local authorities and partners establishing our activities in the island.

The local activities in Gran Canaria are supported by the local government through SPEGC Sociedad de Promócion Económica and ICEX Invest in Spain.

The project proposed to ICEX Invest in Spain by Ocean Oasis during spring 2022 achieved one of the best scores in the Intelligent Technology Fund 2022 call, receiving a grant through the Investment Program for foreign companies in R&D activities.


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