Marsol International Ltd, a Dubai-based global marine solutions provider focused on the offshore oil terminal market and related infrastructure, has introduced Rhino Craft, a multi-purpose workboat tailored to meet the requirements of specific customers and challenging sites.

Working with Rhino Marine, Marsol International aims to introduce the workboat to the oil and gas industry. The craft fulfils a number of roles including support vessel for maintenance operations, a robust replacement for small inflatable boats and the ability to assist with firefighting duties. Rhino Craft can also be used as a Dive SRP (Scuba Replacement) boat, which Mike Young, Managing Director of Marsol International, believes could be a game changer for the industry especially as it does not have the vulnerability of other smaller craft in this category and has significant advantages.

Mike Young and the Marsol team at the Rhino Craft launch

Mike explains: “Marsol International prides itself on its innovative approach to solving the real challenges faced by the offshore sector. The practical applications of this craft are immense. Offering Rhino Craft to the offshore oil and gas market is at the request of our clients, and our years of operational experience, who have a need for a multi-purpose support vessel tailored to meet their needs.

“Marsol International leads a number of initiatives in the marine sector including emergency pipeline repair, hose management, asset integrity management, and MIRMO (management, inspection, repair maintenance, and operation) of offshore terminals. Rhino Craft’s versatility ensures the right craft is used for the job, ensuring safe, efficient, and high quality operations.”

Anton Wale, Engineering Director of Rhino Marine, continues: “Rhino Craft hulls are fabricated from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) which is a ductile, high strength plastic with excellent abrasion, UV and chemical resistance. HDPE is ideally suited to use in harsh environments and is easy to repair by relatively un-skilled staff when damaged. Rhino Craft have been designed primarily for the offshore oil and gas market where the conditions are rough and craft are exposed to severe impact loadings. The Rhino Craft have evolved and proved themselves in over a decade of service in these harsh conditions. We are delighted to be working with Marsol International and value their experience in the marine sector.”

Since 2005, based on experienced gained over 47 years, Marsol International has provided operational engineering and management solutions to clients, consultants and EPC contractors for new offshore terminal facilities, and operational integrity management and IRM services of existing facilities to offshore terminal owners and operators.

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