International Maritime Security Associates (IMSA) and SRG Technology Launch State-of-the-Art Maritime Security Alerting System

Groundbreaking Alerting System Launched During International Shipping Week in London

SRG Technology, developer of cutting-edge data collection and analysis solutions designed to drive performance improvements, in conjunction with the International Maritime Security Associates (IMSA) will unveil a first-of-its-kind Maritime Alerting Security System (MASSTM) during International Shipping Week in London September 7th – September 11th.

MASS was developed through a partnership between IMSA and SRG Technology, which provides the innovative software portal platform -- BlenderTM. MASS is a maritime threat alerting, security management and compliance system that provides vessels and fleet managers of all types with near real-time, geo-positional threat alerts, security management tools and customized protocols on a single dashboard.

The MASS Command Control Center (CCC), operated round the clock by veteran maritime security personnel, collects, consolidates, validates and disseminates data sources from around the globe. Only relevant threat data is delivered to vessels based on their geo-position location.

“The maritime industry regularly faces numerous and unique risks such as piracy; maritime terrorism; civil unrest; medical outbreaks; port delays and closures; severe weather; and other maritime hazards,” said SRG Technology CEO, Neil Sterling. “MASS has the potential to revolutionize the way these threats can be addressed by offering a maritime security solution which provides vessels with customized threat data in a smarter and more meaningful way, securing safer outcomes and lower costs.”

Through the use of SRG’s Blender dashboard, the MASS system adds superior value by providing information not only to vessels, but also to stakeholders such as vessel and fleet management, and ultimately leads to increased vessel security.

MASS allows importing of customized security plans for compliance with various regulatory bodies and vessel protocols allowing ship personnel to seamless identify and respond to threats. Fleet security personnel are afforded the same information for all their vessels and can track and manage security for entire fleet.

“MASS is an exciting application that is going to change how the maritime industry manages risk information and data,” said Corey Ranslem, CEO of International Maritime Security Associates. “Vessels and ship managers can now receive near real time risk information to help them better manage their specific risks.”