The UK Marine Industries Alliance (MIA) has launched an industry Code of Conduct in respect of surface Maritime Autonomous Systems (MAS(S)). The aim of the Code is to establish pan industry agreement on aspects of MAS(S) development, design, production and operation in advance of and alongside the establishment of governing regulations.

An output of the MAS Regulatory Working Group (MASRWG) of the MIA the Code outlines practices to support safety and professionalism within the industry, advance self-regulation in advance of official direction and support improved communications between companies, regulators and the wider maritime community.

James Fanshawe, Chair of the MASRWG, commented “unmanned vessels are already being operated safely and responsibly within the existing regulations, conventions and procedures. This Code of Conduct sets down nine ‘Industry Principles’ which demonstrate a clear commitment to ensuring that MAS are operated safely and responsibly whilst ensuring compliance with all applicable regulations as far as practically possible.”

James continued “I am delighted that we have been able to launch this Code at such a major event for the industry as Oceanology International, particularly as we wish it to be available to companies in all nations with an interest in maritime matters. Importantly the document is not exclusive and will be kept under regular review and, therefore, feedback will always be welcome.”

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