IKM Subsea Signs New Long Term Contract with "K" Line Offshore

K Line Offshore and IKM Subsea have come to an agreement to extend the current ROV services contracts on KL Sandefjord and KL Saltfjord by 5 years until mid-2020.

IKMSubseaROVServicecontractwithKLineOffshoIKM Subsea have had their Merlin WR200 ROV’s mobilized onboard in two "K" Line Offshore vessels since 2011.

The contract value including options is 140 million NOK and duration term is firm for 5 years + 2 yearly options.

“I am pleased to announce the news of this long term contract in these challenging times. We have had an excellent working relationship with K Line Offshore over the last 4 years and the fact that they are extending the contract by 5 years is a testament to the quality of service we have supplied.” emphasis Ben Pollard, Managing Director of IKM Subsea.

Since 2011, IKM Subsea has supplied two Merlin WR200 Work class ROV’s onboard on the vessels and had in addition supplied the ROV’s with personnel and other related services.

“KL Sandefjord and KL Saltfjord are two the most powerful anchor handling tug supply vessels working in the North Sea. Through the combination of the highest bollard pull and the excellent ROV-services from IKM Subsea we experience being the preferred vessels for many of our clients. We are looking forward to continue this great and longstanding cooperation with IKM Subsea” says Tomoyuki Okawa, Chief Executive Officer of K Line Offshore AS.