IADC and FIDIC Enters into Strategic Partnership

International engineering federation FIDIC (the International Federation of Consulting Engineers) has signed a major strategic collaboration agreement with the International Association of Dredging Companies (IADC), the umbrella organization for the worldwide private dredging industry, which will see the two organizations working more closely together and collaborating on matters of mutual interest over the next two years.

FIDIC and IADC have signed a memorandum of understanding agreement for two years under which the two organizations will: 

      •     Collaborate on the development of balanced contracts that will benefit the wider industry;
      •     Enter into a partnership on conferences and the friendly review of contracts;
      •     Collaborate on the dissemination of knowledge on how to develop and build sustainable marine infrastructure projects; and 
      •     To work together to bring publications to the attention of their target groups.

2 IADC logoCommenting on the agreement, FIDIC chief executive Dr Nelson Ogunshakin said: I am delighted that FIDIC has signed this landmark agreement with the IADC and that we will be working closely with them on areas of mutual interest. Our MoU will be a big boost for members of FIDIC and IADC and those international consulting and engineering firms that work in the international dredging industry and also the wider global construction sector and we are looking forward to working with IADC over the next two years.”

3 fidic logoCommenting on the signing of the agreement René Kolman, secretary general of the IADC, said: “We have a long lasting relationship with FIDIC with the publication of the FIDIC Blue Book, the Form of Contract for Dredging and Reclamation Works. FIDIC organizes the consulting engineering sector and they play an important role in marine infrastructure projects. Together we can make the world more sustainable. Joint activities of the FIDIC sustainability committee and IADC will contribute to this.