Greensea Makes a Decisive Start to 2023 with Key Strategic Appointments

Greensea Makes a Decisive Start to 2023 with Key Strategic Appointments
Greensea PM Team led by Laura Krahn

Marine robotics technology specialist, Greensea Systems, Inc. (Greensea), shares its latest additions to the team, and its implementation of a more agile delivery methodology for its Program Management (PM) team, led by Laura Krahn. Krahn joined Greensea in 2022 with her experience of building an agile team to lead the software development life cycle and advance technology development.


“My vision is that Greensea’s PM team must function as a team. Everyone comes with his/her own set of skills, and we need to work together to bridge gaps and provide support to each other across all of our various initiatives, in order for all of us to be successful”, states Laura Krahn. “During my first few months on the job, I’ve worked hard with each of the program managers to understand the complexities of the projects that they are working on, and to help them develop implementation plans in collaboration with engineering staff, turning the strategic vision and whiteboard drawings into software that debuts new and innovative features and functionality.”

She continues, “We’ve added several new Program Managers that have immediately put their experience and expertise to work. Jeff Guyette has joined to lead the OEM program, working alongside new PM hire, Mark Cerbo on the OPENSEA Program. I’ve been able to bring some key employees onto my team, including David Pearson, who has stepped up from Senior Robotics Engineer to Program Manager, Autonomous Systems, and Niels Huisman as Program Manager, Science and Academic Vehicles. They bring extensive experience of our open architecture software, coupled with experience in managing teams.

We recently hired Andrew Papin into the PM group. Andrew is a Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) who will play a key role by working with Program Managers to increase their proficiency with agile best practices. Rounding out the additions to staff, we were able to bring Dennis Doan onboard through the DOD SkillBridge program, which connects military service members with participating businesses to provide a smooth transition from military to the private sector. Bringing Dennis onboard has helped achieve our goal of operating programs seamlessly despite the absence of any staff member. This will enable Greensea Program Manager of EOD Technologies, Pete Kerson, to answer the call of duty, and fulfill his deployment overseas with the US Navy SEALs as a reservist. Doan served in the US Navy as an Explosive Ordnance Disposal Chief for more than 14 years and can effectively step into the EOD program during Kerson’s deployment from day one.”

Greensea’s Program Managers are responsible for the timely and accurate delivery of technology to Greensea’s customers and are fully committed to advancing the technology of ocean robotics across the full landscape of commercial marine, offshore energy, ocean scientific shipping and maritime industries.


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