CSignum Appoints David Leslie Chief Revenue Officer

CSignum Appoints David Leslie Chief Revenue Officer
David Leslie, CRO, CSignum

CSignum Ltd., a global leader in electromagnetic (EM) underwater communication that sends data through the water’s surface without cables, today announced the appointment of David Leslie as Chief Revenue Officer, responsible for business strategy and development, sales, and go-to-market for CSignum and its new RadiEM Modem™.

Leslie reports directly to CSignum CEO Chris Brooks and is based in the Washington, D.C. area.

An industry expert with over 30 years in IT consulting, networking and telecommunications, Leslie has been advising CSignum on market positioning and possible new use cases for the revolutionary RadiEM technology that will csignumlogohelp natural and manmade water industries modernize data networks, which have lagged networks above the water by 50 years. Leslie was most recently Chief Commercial Officer of Gadget Software and served as advisor as The Modern Data Company scaled operations to go to market. He has served as President and CEO of MedicAlert Foundation, as well as co-founded and led companies such as ZippSlip and Intersect Software Corp. He has held executive sales positions at Ericsson, Torrent Networking, Newbridge Networks, and UB Networks.

“David’s unique experience and abilities perfectly address where we are and what we need to do at CSignum to develop a new market with our extraordinary breakthrough in underwater EM data connectivity,” said CSignum CEO Chris Brooks. “He is adept at educating and evangelizing the technical benefits and the resulting positive business impact of this new wireless solution, which will work with and expand the capabilities of existing acoustic and optical deployments.”

“I’m delighted to be joining CSignum at a time when we will usher in a new era for modernized underwater digital networks,” said David Leslie, CRO at CSignum. “RadiEM is designed to work alongside acoustic and optical solutions and answers the need for more visibility into what is happening underwater.

Today, it allows customers for the first time to get data directly through the water surface, seabed, water column and subsea structures in challenging environments (turbid, aerated and biofouled waters and splash zones), which wreak havoc on cables and lie beyond the abilities of other communications systems. In the near future we expect RadiEM to serve as an intelligent gateway and act similarly to Bluetooth for all digital things underwater. The result will be to exponentially increase the amount of data we have access to and allow us to prioritize, filter and route data while managing bandwidth, quality of service and battery power consumption – just as networks function above water.”

CSignum is currently working with companies in natural water industries such as aquaculture, environmental monitoring, as well as wind and oil and gas subsea structures, and exploring the needs of manmade water industries such as irrigation, drinking water, and waste water systems. RadiEM is already successfully deployed in a multitude of use cases from AUV/ASV (HESS and Ocean Aero) and tidal water data recovery, to offshore structural and met ocean data transmission to real-time ADCP data. The EM-1 Modem is designed to work seamlessly with the standard interfaces of sondes, sensors, AUVs, ADCPs and dataloggers. EM signals are resilient and sustain their integrity where sound and light scatter at the surface and anywhere ambient light, line of sight, and noise interference is an issue. Because EM fields are also silent and invisible, they are more secure as well as safer for the environment and marine life.


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