In a major change designed to facilitate adoption of its industry-leading SonarWiz software, Chesapeake Technology (CTI) has eliminated its license fee for all higher education institutions, effective immediately.

“We want students around the world to be able to become proficient in sea floor mapping,” said Eileen Gann, President of Chesapeake Technology. “Upon graduation they will have the skills needed to help organizations create extraordinarily sophisticated sea floor maps.”

Historically, colleges and universities have had to pay an upfront license fee to cover the use of the software by students and faculty. Now, CTI only requires educational institutions to enroll in its annual software maintenance plan, which covers online training, preferred technical support, new features, upgrades, and discounts for in-person CTI events.

CTI worldwide educational program will facilitate students’ education in the software realm and prepare them for industry leading positions. CTI’s SonarWiz software provides real-time sonar data acquisition and processing of sidescan, sub-bottom, bathymetry, and magnetometer sonar data used by hundreds of clients worldwide, including the leading institutes, University of: New Hampshire, Delaware, Sao Paulo, Rio Grande, Malta and St. Andrews.

In other CTI news, the company will be holding its annual training workshop December 6-8 at the University of Washington in Seattle. The workshop will include real-time data acquisition aboard the R/V Barnes using the EdgeTech 6205 and 216 sonar systems. The training will also cover post-processing for sidescan, sub-bottom, bathymetry, and magnetometer data.

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