Cellula Robotics Appoints Alex Johnson as Director of Products

Cellula Robotics Appoints Alex Johnson as Director of Products
(Image credit: Cellula Robotics)

Cellula Robotics Ltd. is pleased to announce the appointment of Alex Johnson as Director of Products.

In his new role, Alex will spearhead the technological advancement of all of Cellula’s product lines and ensure the successful execution of build projects.

"Cellula is dedicated to developing and delivering cutting-edge, high-quality, and dependable AUVs and subsea solutions. Our primary focus is on crafting customizable products that offer novel or enhanced capabilities to our clients. I am excited about the integration of our project execution and product development teams to create and manufacture these customizable solutions. In 2024, our team is poised to achieve significant milestones across each product line, concentrate on scalable production, and further capitalize on the successes we've achieved with our mission-ready prototypes," remarks Alex on his new position.

Previously, Alex served as Cellula’s Director of AUV Products, overseeing the development of the company's AUV technology.


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