CEDA-IADC’s Dredging for Sustainable Infrastructure Conference program is officially announced. Two days’ worth of interactive sessions will give delegates an opportunity to apply key topics set forth in the forthcoming CEDA-IADC guidebook Dredging for Sustainable Infrastructure.

DFSI Cover 3DDistinguished professionals involved in a dredging project’s manifold facets are invited to partake in the event which is dedicated to advancing industry knowledge in the arena of sustainable dredging. Professionals from all over the world and participating in sectors involved in the realization of a dredging project will have many opportunities to meet, interact and take their networks to the next level at the Networking Area by Dredging Today.


The Dredging for Sustainable Infrastructure Conference’s two-day-long program offers six highly interactive sessions with contributions from internationally renowned scientists and practitioners which address topics set forth in Dredging for Sustainable Infrastructure, CEDA and IADC’s new guidebook which will be launched at the event and handed out to all attendees. Containing contributions from leading specialists in the field, the publication will serve as an authoritative guide to delivering dredging projects that enhance the natural and socio-economic systems.


The CEDA-IADC conference presents speakers and interactive sessions centered around topics discussed in the publication. Delegates will partake in interactive sessions which encompass four key enablers selected from the enablers discussed in the book: Using the Ecosystem Approach, Investing in Stakeholder Engagement, Applying Adaptive Management and Seeking Win-Win Solutions Through Beneficial Use of Sediments. Delegates will also get a unique chance to trek into sustainability, visiting sustainable projects within the region of Amsterdam.


Professionals and companies aiming to deliver dredging projects with longevity which also maximize the benefits to society, nature and economy will find this event to be of particular relevance.

The Dredging for Sustainable Infrastructure Conference will confer quintessential knowledge for planners, designers, decision makers, regulators, contractors, project owners and environmental advocates.


The networking area by Dredging Today is the key meeting point for all delegates throughout the program to exchange ideas, discuss presented innovations and enhance knowledge exchange. For two days, professionals from across the industry, consultancies, government agencies, research institutes and NGOs all facing similar challenges in their search for better projects will be together under one roof. Also in the networking area, innovative dredging solutions for sustainable water infrastructure by key industry players will be on display.


Register today to experience the unique program of the Dredging for Sustainable Infrastructure Conference first hand. Registration to attend the highly-anticipated Dredging for Sustainable Infrastructure Conference is officially open here. The two-day conference will be held in Amsterdam’s Beurs van Berlage and takes place on 19 and 20 November 2018. Blocks of hotel rooms have been arranged with conference rates in a number of hotels in Amsterdam. Please make your reservation online here.

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