C&C Technologies Upgrade to Sonardyne Ranger 2 Pro

Sonardyne Inc., Houston, has received an order to supply five Ranger 2 Pro USBL tracking systems to survey and mapping specialists C&C Technologies, Inc. – a subsidiary of Oceaneering International, Inc. By upgrading to the latest standard of acoustic positioning technology, C&C Technologies will now benefit from Ranger 2 Pro’s ability to track multiple subsea targets at greater speeds, over longer ranges, and with the highest level of positioning accuracy.

C&C Technologies upgrade to five Sonardyne Ranger 2 Pro systems for underwater target tracking and DP reference.

Ranger 2 Pro is designed for deep water tracking of underwater targets and position referencing for dynamically positioned (DP) vessels. It builds on the simplicity and performance of Sonardyne’s original Ranger system by adding support for the latest 6G (Sixth Generation) acoustic instruments and Wideband 2 signal architecture, both proven to increase the efficiency of survey operations, with equipment that is quick to set up and easy to use.

Using the Ranger 2 Pro system, with its fast position update rates, C&C Technologies can now track multiple targets, including ROVs, towfish and AUVs, simultaneously at ranges beyond 6,000 metres. And, thanks to the system also supporting Long and Ultra-Short BaseLine (LUSBL) positioning, carry out complex seafloor operations with the highest levels of precision.

Ralph Gall, Technical Sales Manager for Sonardyne Inc. said, “Previously we have supplied DP-INS systems for the Ocean Intervention series of vessels for DP purposes. Sonardyne is extremely pleased to have been able to meet the requirements of C&C Technologies on this project and hope to build upon the relationship for many years to come.”

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