2022 “will be even bigger”, says ECOncrete® CEO

2022 “will be even bigger”, says ECOncrete® CEO
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The company reflects on the successes of 2021 in turning more projects from grey to blue and looks ahead to another exciting year expanding its ecological solutions and specialist team across the globe

Despite the challenges faced in 2021 amidst the ongoing pandemic, international eco-engineering company ECOncrete® closed the year with tremendous growth, according to its latest annual figures.  

The firm continued its integral mission in providing ecological, carbon-storing concrete solutions to offshore and coastline marine infrastructure projects across the world, including the protection of underwater cables and pipelines, scour protection for offshore wind-energy parks and more. With 16 new projects taking place, ECOncrete has been able to increase the ecological concrete put into water twelvefold in comparison to the previous year, and thus significantly increase the biological value of marine infrastructure across the world.  

The company has also doubled in personnel across several international markets, including the US, Italy and Spain, taking on new engineers, marine biologists, architects, project managers and sales and marketing specialists, in order to meet the growing demand for ecological marine infrastructure solutions. Alongside this, the successful closing of a $5 million+ Series A round will further springboard the company into 2022, with the investment enabling the rapid expansion into even more new markets and scaling operations into large-scale projects.   

Backed by new investment and a strong team of environmental experts, ECOncrete looks ahead to another exciting year of fulfilling its mission: to transform the way our concrete coasts look and function so that where the ocean meets the shore, life thrives – above and below the water. The team has a particular focus of expanding the use of its solutions for offshore infrastructure, such as for projects involving pipelines, cables and wind parks to minimise ecological impact and enable the healthy growth of natural habitat.  

In March 2021, the company tragically lost one of its co-founders, Dr Shimrit Perkol-Finkel, who passed away following a road accident in central Tel Aviv. She left behind a legacy of ecological construction thinking aimed at bridging coastal development and sustainability. She was a mother of three, wife, sister and dear friend. The company subsequently dedicated the entire month to commemorating her extraordinary legacy and has continued its work with Shimrit’s passion and drive to change the world for the better firmly in place.  

Ido Sella, Co-founder & CEO, ECOncrete, said: “As we look back on 2021, we are proud of the successes that we have achieved – with more projects and growth than ever before. Like many businesses across the globe, we of course faced some difficulties – most poignantly following the passing of my dear friend, colleague and fellow co-founder, Shimrit. However, I know that she would be immensely proud of how far we have come and the amazing projects that we have secured around the world. As we begin 2022 with a strong and expanding team of experts, we are more confident than ever of the opportunities that we have to further progress our mission and bring more environmentally friendly concrete solutions across the globe. This year will be even bigger than last year. Watch this space.”


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