Citing advances in technology and changes in industry practices, the U.S. Coast Guard is withdrawing the notice of proposed rulemaking (NPRM) entitled ``Outer Continental Shelf Activities.”

The scope of that proposal included regulations that pertain to workplace safety and health on vessels and facilities engaged in the exploration for, or development or production of, minerals on the outer continental shelf (OCS).

The official statement published in the Federal Register said, “In the nearly 20 years since the Coast Guard published the NPRM and the comment period closed, the offshore industry has continued to grow and evolve. Due to the passage of time, advances in technology, and changes in industry practice, we found that much of what we proposed in the NPRM is now obsolete and no longer applicable to the modern OCS work environment. Consequently, the NPRM is no longer suitable as a basis for further rulemaking action. Accordingly, the Coast Guard is withdrawing the ``Outer Continental Shelf Activities'' proposed rule announced in an NPRM published December 7, 1999.

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