Open Ocean, a pioneer in Marine Data Intelligence, launched in 2015 Metocean Analytics, the first online offer for metocean studies on-demand.

Open Ocean has teamed up with Spanish wind expert VORTEX to make Metocean Analytics the most complete online solution for site analysis during offshore project development.

VORTEX is an independent private company which has been providing wind data and analysis to the wind energy sector since 2005.

Based on its team of Wind & Site engineers, atmospheric physicists and computer experts, VORTEX has built a solid international reputation for providing high quality wind information for any location in the world. VORTEX has designed relevant solution for each phase of a wind project development.

Today, VORTEX wants to reach a wider range of users by teaming up with Open Ocean and offering its services through the Metocean Analytics solution.

Metocean Analytics is already participating to the digitalization of the offshore energy sector by democratizing the access to high quality data and rigorous statistical analysis. Metocean Analytics simplifies and accelerates the analysis process for offshore development sites providing average metocean conditions, as well as extreme value analysis and operating weather windows.

Open Ocean keeps pushing further this necessary digitalization process of the sector by offering data from all the best possible sources and complementary services through collaborations with expert partners.

Metocean Analytics is upgraded by including the SERIES and FARM solutions from VORTEX. You can obtain even more accurate site wind analysis through Metocean Analytics with the expert solutions from VORTEX.

Offshore wind developers will get the best of both worlds from the combination of high resolution, high quality wind data with the most advanced online offshore conditions analytics tool available on the market.

VORTEX and Open Ocean, two successful European SMEs, join forces to make offshore wind development easier, simpler and faster than ever.

“We are very proud of this new partnership launched with VORTEX. Our goal is to bring the best offshore data analytics to all the actors of the offshore energy sector. With VORTEX solutions made available through Metocean Analytics, we add very valuable additional data for analysis directly accessible online. This will accelerate the site analysis process for offshore wind developers. We are keen on continuously providing new solutions to help the offshore renewable energy development” explains Renaud Laborbe, Executive Chairman of Open Ocean.

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