Offshore wind is one of today’s most promising interventions to make a significant difference in reducing carbon emissions.

innovate center logo 1xThe South Coast is at the epicenter of its pioneering implementation in the US. Its positive attributes are many – baseload-like production, proximity to population centers, and an electricity cost below coal and other fuel sources. The Block Island Wind Farm, with its 5 stately, 6 MW turbines is the first in the nation offshore wind installation, and a number of larger, more extensive installations are to be constructed within 12-24 miles of the South Coast. Domestic and international investment has the industry poised for explosive growth. Offshore wind requires a totally new workforce and supply chain which is rapidly developing to catch up with the anticipated need, providing significant local economic stimulus.

Because this is a brand new industry in the US, innovations are needed in all facets from site characterization, to construction techniques, to operations monitoring, to new materials, to smart grid sensors, and more. Not so coincidentally, there is a robust R&D and incubator ecosystem located in NE to support these efforts.

Other impactful ocean renewable technologies (wave and tidal) are being developed here as well have an important role to play; can learn from the more commercialized Offshore Wind developers as well as benefit from the new supply chain.

The Marine Renewable Energy Conference 2019 will gather offshore wind, wave and tidal energy, government, utility, supply chain, and stakeholder outreach experts to discuss what is needed to ensure that these new forms of energy are deployed in a safe, expeditious, and environmentally sound manner.

Students from area universities are invited to display posters describing their research. To Submit a Student Poster Abstract, To Sponsor and to Register to attend please go to this link.

Who will be attending

  • Offshore wind professionals speaking to the technical, social and economics of this new industry.
  • Professionals with other Marine Renewable technologies – tidal and wave who will be discussing their latest successes, challenges and innovations
  • Representatives from state and federal government agencies funding significant R&D efforts to help companies turbo charge implementation.
  • Companies and researchers who have innovative solutions to getting this new industry up and running into the 21st Century.
  • Companies that have an interest in the emerging supply chain and innovation opportunities

Conference Date & Time:

Thursday May 23rd, 2019, 10:00 AM – 5:30 PM


Mass Dartmouth Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIE) 151 Martine Street, Fall River, MA 02723 (free parking is available in front of the building and right across the street)

To register, click here.

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