PEAK Wind Forms a New Specialist Unit, Advanced Programs

PEAK Wind Forms a New Specialist Unit, Advanced Programs

PEAK Wind’s Advanced Program’s first suite of in-house scientific tools and services focuses on technical and economical optimizations within the development and operations of onshore & offshore wind farms, enabling a data-backed approach to real-world decision-making.

Developed through the application of scientific methodologies, combined with engineering expertise, computational frameworks, and data analytics, Advanced Programs’ scientific tools have been aligned with top universities and research centers in the field, and their insights have been utilized to great effect within recent projects.

Advanced Program’s Services:

  • Dynamic Modelling (e.g. Workability and Vessel-Foundation Accessibility Analysis)
  • Technical and Economic System Engineering (e.g. Wind Farm Layout Optimization)
  • Development of Digital Twins (e.g. From Conceptualization To Execution)
  • Bespoke problem-solving through the Application of Scientific Approaches & Tools

“PEAK Wind’s Advanced Programs unit is making breakthroughs in the application of scientific methodology combined with engineering expertise to today’s real-world problems. We are providing services based on our unique, knowledge-enhancing tools, to empower the growth of the industry.”

2 Ilmas Andrea Bayati Head of Advanced Programs and Floating WindIlmas Bayati, Head of Advanced Programs, a specialist in renewable energy science, technology, and project development

“From the development to the operational phase of the renewable energy project, Advanced Programs target technical and economic optimizations, delivering cost-saving and value-creation, by utilizing computational frameworks and data analytics to support the decision-making process”, continues Ilmas. 


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