Ardyne, provider of innovative plug and abandonment and slot recovery technology, has saved more than a day of rig time on a planned 3 1/2 - day operation and improved efficiencies by 35% for UK-based operator Fairfield, with the help of its unique Casing Recovery Toolbox.

Currently working on the decommissioning of the North Sea’s Greater Dunlin Area, Fairfield’s fully funded, multi-phase decommissioning project includes complex challenges, with opportunities to apply advanced technological solutions and innovation to end-of-life work.

The operator was seeking an oilfield services partner that could drive best practice in decommissioning, resulting in improved efficiencies and cost savings.

Ardyne’s newly developed Casing Recovery Toolbox incorporates a full suite of services and bottom hole assembly (BHA) systems. The toolbox, combined with Ardyne’s decades of operational expertise, has resulted in the creation of industry leading downhole BHA systems for well abandonments, slot recoveries and workovers.

Ed Pritchard of Fairfield Energy said: “We are absolutely delighted to work with Ardyne on this new service approach. With decommissioning projects picking up increasing speed and industry interest, Ardyne understood that a new, more appropriate strategy for the well abandonment phase was required.

“Ardyne was able to deliver an innovative and highly efficient way to support our casing recovery work, without compromising quality, safety or the environment. With the Casing Recovery Toolbox, we saved more than a day of rig time on a conventional three-and-a-half day operation and improved efficiency by thirty-five percent.”

Ardyne’s toolbox offers clients a one-stop-shop for their casing recovery requirements and is backed up by support from the company’s team of trusted and leading industry experts.

Alan Fairweather, CEO, Ardyne, commented: “Fairfield’s expert and forward thinking team separated out a conventional service, that is typically embedded in a broader service provision, and trusted Ardyne to provide efficiencies in this niche area of casing recovery.

“Fairfield is the industry’s first operator to move ahead with this innovative approach, and we are proud to have been part of establishing this new industry standard. We look forward to continued collaboration with Fairfield in order to deliver further efficiencies in their activities. Ardyne are committed to continued investment into technology which unlocks value for our industry”

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