Makai Partners with Shell to Revolutionize Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion

Makai Partners with Shell to Revolutionize Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion
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Makai Ocean Engineering (Makai) has signed an agreement with Shell Technology - Marine Renewable Program to further develop and test potentially transformative proprietary technologies that advance the engineering and economic viability of an offshore Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion (OTEC) system.

Makai’s unique concepts for OTEC systems and cutting-edge heat exchanger, the Thin Foil Heat Exchanger (TFHX), hold the potential to reduce the capital costs and operating costs of an offshore OTEC system. A key part of this study is to work with Shell to accelerate the timeframe for reaching true economic viability of OTEC systems.

"Makai's legacy with OTEC R&D spans nearly half a century. As we look ahead, our enthusiasm only grows. Partnering with Shell Technology - Marine Renewable Program provides an avenue to translate our research into actionable and commercially viable solutions," says Richard Argall, Ocean Energy Division Head at Makai. "Makai’s and Shell’s shared vision is to harness marine energy sustainably, and together, we are poised to make that vision a reality."

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“We congratulate the exceptional team at Makai for pursuing innovation in OTEC technologies and establishing themselves as a leader in the industry. As we continue to explore how to achieve more value with lower emissions through promising marine renewable energy systems, we are excited that Makai is one of our first major partners in the OTEC space,” Dr. Pak Leung, Marine Renewable Program Manager, Shell Technology.

Makai Ocean Engineering was founded in 1973 as a diversified ocean engineering company focused on providing innovative solutions to their clients’ most challenging problems in the ocean world. Makai’s commitment to R&D in ocean-based renewable energy is unwavering. As early adopters of OTEC technology since the 1970s, Makai continues its mission to exploit practical applications of both existing and emerging technologies to unlock the vast energy potential of our oceans. The development of Makai’s critical heat exchanger technologies was made possible with the support of United States Office of Naval Research.

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Shell Technology - Marine Renewable Program is pursuing the mission of finding, screening, testing, and developing marine renewable energy technologies to achieve more value with lower emissions and help build the critical energy infrastructure for the Blue Economy to grow and thrive.

This partnership not only signifies progress in marine renewable energy but also stands as a testament to the future of sustainable ocean solutions.



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