Harvey Gulf International Marine becomes the first and only company in America to own and operate a “Tri-Fuel” vessel, as well as a vessel bunkering facility, selling both diesel fuel, and LNG.

Harvey completed the installation of a Wartsila battery-power system on the PSV HARVEY ENERGY, which was already a dual-fuel vessel capable of fully operating on LNG or diesel, making it a “Tri-Fuel” vessel.  At the same time, Harvey commenced operations at its new diesel bunkering facility in Port Fourchon, LA, pairing it with Harvey’s LNG bunkering operations there.  Harvey will also complete installation of a GE battery-power system on the PSV HARVEY CHAMPION in September.  

Harvey Gulf CEO, and Q-LNG Transport owner, Shane Guidry, stands out among his peers as a true leader in the LNG and alternative fuel sectors. Mr. Guidry has designed, built, owns and operates several first its kind, earning the title of “Pioneer in America for LNG Service.” Some of his firsts include, first U.S. Flagged Dual Fuel Platform Supply Vessels, first LNG vessel bunkering facility, first LNG-ATB bunkering vessel, and, now, the first “Tri-Fuel” Platform Supply Vessel operating on diesel, LNG, and batteries. To date, no one has followed in these footsteps. 

Mr. Guidry commented, “While I’ve delivered some of the most complicated alternative fuel technology to the market in many different ways, it is my clients and investors who have driven these decisions. I’m a listener and, better than most, can read between the lines. I was able to hear the calling from my clients and investors as to what their future wants and needs would be.  So, I put my team together, and we reacted. Today, we provide more LNG uses and services than any company in America, and we’re both thankful and proud of it.” 

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