Global Industry Leaders Convene in Advisory Board for Floating Power Plant's Pioneering SEAWORTHY Project

Global Industry Leaders Convene in Advisory Board for Floating Power Plant's Pioneering SEAWORTHY Project
The Floating Power Plant platform producing power from wind and waves. (Image credit: Floating Power Plant A/S)

In a significant move towards accelerating renewable energy innovations, Danish technology provider Floating Power Plant (FPP) proudly announces the formation of a high-profile advisory board for their flagship SEAWORTHY project.

This groundbreaking initiative, unfolding in the Canary Islands, is set to revolutionize offshore renewable energy, integrating floating wind turbines, hydrogen production components, and wave energy technology.

The advisory board reflects a unified commitment to advancing sustainable energy solutions on a global scale and boasts an impressive list of industry heavyweights, key players in the renewable energy sector including:

Air Liquide

Capital Energy

Island Innovation


3 confidential members from the project development and energy major community

The primary aim of this board is to offer expert insights, practical use cases, and essential requirements that will guide the SEAWORTHY project towards success.

2 Illustration

Illustration of the Floating Power Plant platform with electrolyzers, hydrogen storage, and fuel cells on the deck. Also shown is the spread mooring system. (Image credit: Floating Power Plant A/S)

Anders Køhler, CEO of Floating Power Plant, emphasizes the project's broader impact:

"The formation of this advisory board is not just a milestone for FPP but a leap forward for the entire renewable offshore industry. By pooling our collective expertise and resources, we aim to drive innovation and share valuable learnings, experiences, and data not only within our organization but across the entire advisory board."

Hugo Díaz – Offshore Project Development Manager for Capital Energy says:

“SEAWORTHY stands out as a promising technology to reach the sustainability goals set by the European Commission. It is our duty as renewable energy developers to stay up to date with the latest concepts and to actively look for new ways of introducing clean energies into our electrical system. It is our pleasure to be part of this project and learn more about its development.”

James Ellsmoor, CEO of Island Innovation highlighted the potential for island communities: "Island Innovation is thrilled to support blue economy projects in the marine energy sector that can support healthy economies for island regions. The SEAWORTHY initiative offers an exciting opportunity to demonstrate the potential of the ocean by bringing together multiple marine energy solutions to advance various technologies and showcase their combined potential."

The SEAWORTHY project, co-funded by the EU Innovation Fund, stands as a testament to the power of collaboration in fostering sustainable energy advancements. Through this initiative, Floating Power Plant and its partners are set to make significant strides in renewable energy, paving the way for a more sustainable future.

The project has already garnered significant attention, receiving a substantial grant of 26 million euros from the European Commission's Innovation Fund. This funding underscores the project's potential to impact the future of renewable energy and offshore technologies.


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