EMO Marine Technologies Ltd., based in Nova Scotia, has successfully installed a Mini-T Video/Data Mux system for FORCE (Fundy Ocean Research Centre for Energy). The system is deployed within the tidal berth sites in Parrsboro, NS.

FAST-1 platform with EMO Designed Mini-T Fibre-Optic Communication System

The system utilizes EMO Marine Technologies Ltd. world’s smallest form factor multiplexer (MUX) system the Mini-T. The Mini-T establishes a real time link via fiber optic cable to the Visitor’s Centre at FORCE to transmit and output data from the sensors that are affixed to the FAST-1 platform that is positioned on the seafloor of the Minas Passage. The link provided by EMO Marine will transmit reliable site data to aid with in-stream tidal energy development and measure effects on the marine ecosystem.

The Mini-T system is comprised of a subsea housing where each of the oceanographic sensors are connected and an output console located in the FORCE Visitor’s Centre. The sensors are being used to measure aspects like water depth, temperature, and current data. This data is then made available in real time in the FORCE Centre and is also streamed online to the Ocean Networks Canada Website.

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