Clear Skies Ahead – East of England Energy Group Boss to Step Down After Turning Organization Around

Clear Skies Ahead – East of England Energy Group Boss to Step Down After Turning Organization Around

After successfully steering the not-for-profit organization back onto a solid financial course, injecting new life into its board and its leadership team, and recruiting a new and highly energetic team, Executive Chairman Martin Dronfield is stepping down from the East of England Energy Group (EEEGR).

Following the huge challenges forced upon the organization by the Beast from the East, which caused the last-minute cancellation of its flagship conference in 2018, and the ensuing pandemic causing a reduction in membership and sponsorship, Martin, who has 41 years’ experience in industry, has championed new success for EEEGR during his stint as Chair. Not least was his part in helping to deliver one of the most successful Southern North Sea (SNS) conferences to date in 2022, upgrading the experience with revitalized layouts and stands alongside a new look and feel.

Martin has pumped talent into the organization’s leadership team, with the internal promotion of Rob Bush to General Manager and the addition of specialists such as Sophie Skipp, Head of Energy Skills, and Karim Massaad, Business Relationship Manager, bolstering capabilities and creating exciting opportunities for members and stakeholders alike.

One such hire is Karen Freeman, Energy Sector Councils (ESCs) Project Manager, who oversees the four ESCs created (or revitalised) under Martin’s leadership.

These include East Wind (the region’s offshore wind cluster), the Marine, Science, and Technology Council, as well as Hydrogen East (the region’s Hydrogen cluster), and the SNS Gas Transition sector council.

Additionally, there are potentially four other ESCs on the radar including Onshore Renewables, Nuclear, and Net Zero & Energy Integration.

Now, Martin says, is the time to take a step back: “It’s been a challenging few years for the energy sector, and it’s a challenge that’s been keenly felt in the East of England region. Our members have felt the pressure and, in turn, so have we at EEEGR.”

“But we have weathered the storm, and I’m confident EEEGR is now in a positive position, with a resilient team and a clear direction. Now is the time for me to take a step back and allow that team to champion our industry and supply chain on a national scale and beyond,” he concluded.

In his role as EEEGR Chair, Martin has also been instrumental in ensuring women are fairly represented at board level, supporting UK government’s ambitious sector deal goals to increase the representation of women in industry by at least a third by 2030. For EEEGR, there has been significant increase of female board members since 2021.

Martin’s guidance following some tumultuous times has certainly not gone unnoticed, says Aquaterra Renewables Director and EEEGR board member Anne Haase:

“Martin’s been fundamental to guiding EEEGR through some of its most challenging times and his strategic vision, network and ability to create trust and enthusiasm has ensured that the organization continues to have relevance to the wider business community and energy sector.”

“His knowledge of the heritage oil and gas and new energy sectors has created an opportunity for EEEGR to drive value for the East of England with respect to supply chain, skills and profile on an international stage.”

“He’s helped set a strong foundation and direction for EEEGR and we are now looking for someone to take that baton and keep its momentum going,” she finished”.

In the coming months, EEEGR’s board will elect a new Executive Chairman to continue to drive their message and advocate for the region’s supply chain on a national scale.


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