AGR Enlisted for Offshore CO2 Storage Support

 AGR Enlisted for Offshore CO2 Storage Support
(Image credit: AGR)

Altera Infrastructure has appointed AGR to conduct an independent third-party storage evaluation of the Havstjerne CO2 storage license offshore Norway.

In late March, the Norwegian Ministry of Energy awarded Altera Infrastructure and its partner Wintershall Dea a Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) license to develop the Havstjerne CO2 storage site in the North Sea.

The CO2 storage site, with an annual capacity estimated at 7 million tonnes per annum (Mtpa), is located 100 kilometers southwest of Egersund, Norway.

AGR’s scope of work includes CO2 storage site screening and characterization for potential CO2 storage, independent third-party storage evaluations, and geological assessment and mitigation of the risks associated with CO2 leakage. AGR has not disclosed the value of its contract.

The Havstjerne reservoir is planned to be in operation in 2027. The project envisions injecting CO2 transported by shuttle tankers and pipeline from multiple carbon capture hubs across mainland Europe.

“This project represents a step forward in the global battle against climate change, and we are proud to be involved in such a meaningful project. AGR has previously been involved in two other North Sea flagship projects—the Northern Lights and Greensand in Denmark—and we will utilise this know-how to support Altera Infrastructure and Wintershall Dea on Havstjerne,” adds Erik Lorange, Vice President Reservoir Management, at AGR.

AGR has also supported Norwegian Offshore Directorate in compiling the CO2 Atlas of Norwegian Continental Shelf which documents potential carbon storage sites including storage capacity volumes and site characterizations.

AGR is part of Oslo-listed energy and marine consultancy group ABL Group ASA.


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