Image 1Utilising an environmentally friendly power resource has become a reality for Aberdeenshire based deck machinery specialists, ACE Winches. The engineering manufacturing company has embraced renewable energy to capture wind resources with the recent installation of a wind turbine at its global headquarters. Its facilities at Towie Barclay Works, benefit from this home-grown supply, helping to reduce its reliance on fossil fuels to power the site and contributing to reducing greenhouse gases. A turbine can generate electricity 70-85% of the time depending on local wind speeds. To date ACE Winches has recorded a 58% reduction in supply from the grid.

Creating a greener environment is important to ACE Winches. Chief Compliance Officer, Valerie Cheyne, observed, “Many communities have harnessed the power of wind and our team at ACE Winches work hard to utilise the most mature and cost-effective source of renewable energy. During these challenging times for the oil and gas industries, we continue to look for innovative solutions to reduce costs.”

With the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) now law in the UK, many businesses have to complete a mandatory energy efficiency audit by December 2015. ACE Winches submitted its ESOS audit report in June 2015.

Operating in compliance with environmental regulations and recognised industry standards, ACE Winches continually seek to adopt practices to protect their natural environment. The company has been certified to the International Environmental Management System standard ISO: 14001 since June 2013.

Waste management in operational areas is a standard business practice for ACE Winches. Factory and office waste is gathered and segregated into identified compounds on the premises for recycling and disposal including central recycling bins for paper, plastic, cans and newspaper, scrap metal, and food waste.

The installation of car charging facilities for electric motor car batteries, is an added renewable benefit. Paul MacLeod, Senior IT Support Engineer uses the onsite electric vehicle charging facilities for his plug-in hybrid electric vehicle and stated “It is great to have the facility on site, as it allows me to commute to work every day on electric power.”

In addition ACE Winches has upcycled two milks floats, powered by electric and have ten bicycles used by engineers and technicians, that allow efficient and easy modes of travel around the 25 acre site.

Corporate Social Responsibility is firmly embedded in the company’s roots and has been a major contribution to the growth and success of the company. Within the CSR strategy, ACE Winches’ practices embrace the North Aberdeenshire economy and local services through employment opportunities and the support of local businesses and community groups. The development of positive relationships with employees, local groups and promotion of good environmental practices are at the core of ACE Winches success and will continue to be in the future.

Sustainability is a key feature in the ACE Winches’ Corporate Social Responsibility strategy. The commitment to support the environment is demonstrated clearly with the completion of the wind turbine project and other company wide initiatives.

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