ThayerMahan Awarded $19M from DoD for Autonomous Technology

ThayerMahan Awarded $19M from DoD for Autonomous Technology
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ThayerMahan, a world leader in providing autonomous maritime surveillance solutions for the defense, research, and offshore wind energy sectors, has been awarded a $19.3 million contract by the federal Department of Defense to continue its work developing specialized autonomous maritime sensing technology to sustain the US Navy's and US Marine Corps' undersea and maritime advantage.

The contract allows ThayerMahan, which holds several maritime technology patents, to support its cutting-edge work in the area of specialized long-endurance autonomous platforms, sensors, autonomous behaviors, signal processors, artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques, and improved endurance capacity.

In announcing the contract, US Rep. Joe Courtney, D-CT, Ranking Member of the House Seapower and Projection Forces Subcommittee, highlighted ThayerMahan's role at the forefront of this vital defense technology.

"This federal contract will help strengthen the Navy's and Marine Corps's eyes and ears undersea through advanced and innovative autonomous maritime systems, which will be a critical capability in the 21st century," Courtney said. "There's no question that ThayerMahan is a leader in this work, which is why my office and I have long advocated for this Groton-based company to receive federal contracts like this. Congratulations to ThayerMahan and your skilled employees who are leading the design, engineering, and operation of this critical technology."

The three-year contract will be overseen by the Office of Naval Research.

"We appreciate the continued support and confidence of the Office of Naval Research as we help generate much-needed undersea sensing capacity to sustain our undersea advantage," said ThayerMahan Chairman and CEO Mike Connor. "We are also thankful for the critical role played by Congressman Joe Courtney and his staff. They are a big reason why Southeastern Connecticut is the epicenter of undersea innovation."


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