Marine Advanced Robotics Delivers WAM-V 16 ASV to NIWC

Marine Advanced Robotics has delivered a WAM-V 16 ASV to NIWC Pacific to support multi-domain unmanned maritime system autonomy. The WAM-V technology is particularly well suited for subsurface, surface and air sensor deployments in real world ocean conditions where asset recovery is critical in less-than-ideal conditions.

“WAM-V stability and portability are unmatched and together with NIWC and our industry partners, we demonstrated the multi-domain (air, surface and subsurface) capabilities of the WAM-V during the Citadel Protect Autonomous Security Demo at NAVBASE San Diego where we launched a Teledyne Seabotix ROV and a Planck Aerosystems UAV”, said Mark Gundersen, President & CEO of Marine Advanced Robotics, “we have continued to develop the multi-domain functionality of the WAM-V platform and we are excited that NIWC will be advancing this capability for U.S. Navy mission needs.”

In addition to providing a stable platform for UAV, ROV and AUV launch and recovery, the stability of the WAM-V has proved invaluable in sensor deployments, like multi-beam echosounders, where the quality of the data is greatly improved by the WAM-V stability.

Marine Advanced Robotics is a San Francisco Bay Area based marine robotics company with an innovative class of watercraft based on their patented WAM-V technology. The WAM-V vessel class is the leader in stability, portability, and efficiency. WAM-Vs can be found all over the world performing critical tasks in the maritime environment. You can find out more about WAM-V technology, products, and projects on their website.