Hanwha Ocean to Develop Energy System for Unmanned Submarines

Hanwha Ocean to Develop Energy System for Unmanned Submarines
A model of Hanwha Ocean's XLUUV on display at MADEX 2023. (Image credit: Janes/Ridzwan Rahmat)

Hanwha Ocean announced that it has recently been selected as the preferred bidder for the prototype project of the South Korean Agency for Defense Development (ADD)’s “Energy System for Unmanned Submersibles.”

The project Hanwha Ocean will be participating in involves the development of a ‘Multi-purpose Modular Hydrogen Fuel Cell System for Unmanned Submersibles.’ Hanwha Ocean will develop the energy technology for the multi-purpose modular unmanned submersible, produce a prototype for performance verification, and provide engineering design verification support and testing services.

The contract is notably underpinned by Hanwha Ocean’s unique Air-Independent Propulsion (AIP) and fuel cell system design and manufacturing capabilities. The technology, which allows conventional diesel-powered submarines (excluding nuclear submarines) to submerge for the longest duration, has already been recognized both in the industry and by foreign countries looking to acquire submarines.

The Republic of Korea Navy is embarking on the development of a ‘Multi-purpose Modular Large Unmanned Submersible’ as the initial step towards achieving the Smart Navy vision. For this submersible’s operation, Hanwha Ocean is tasked with developing a long-term power source. This project is seen as the starting point for the formation of the Republic of Korea Navy’s ‘Navy Sea GHOST’ (Ocean Manned-Unmanned Combined Combat System).

At the MADEX 2023 held last June, Hanwha Ocean’s leading proposals, such as unmanned command and control vessels and unmanned submersibles, drew attention as maritime manned-unmanned combined combat systems for the realization of the South Korean Navy’s Smart Navy vision.



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