Expanding Horizons: MARVEL Micro-AUV Joins the SEABER Family

 Expanding Horizons: MARVEL Micro-AUV Joins the SEABER Family
(Image credit: SEABER)

SEABER recently unveiled the newest addition to its cutting-edge range with the MARVEL micro-AUV. The MARVEL is setting a new standard in precision underwater exploration. The new range redefines the capabilities of micro-AUVs, through unparalleled speed and maneuverability. MARVEL can serve a variety of defense-oriented missions, including security, coast guard operations, and mine countermeasures.

Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, the MARVEL micro-AUVs include standard payloads for Defense applications. Payloads include Side Scan Sonar, Multibeam Echo Sounder, a fluxgate Magnetometer, USBL (Ultra-Short Baseline) underwater acoustic positioning and communication systems, along with optional encryption and scuttling features. These advanced functionalities empower operators with enhanced situational awareness and operational effectiveness in challenging maritime environments.

The MARVEL Micro-AUVs ability to operate effectively in shallow and very shallow waters, revolutionizes mine countermeasure operations. SEABER’s innovative design ensures that these micro-AUVs can navigate and execute missions with precision, even in the most confined underwater spaces, significantly improving the efficiency and safety of mine clearance operations.

For further details on the MARVEL Micro-AUV and its applications, Contact to the experienced team at BlueZone. Stay ahead of the curve in underwater exploration and defense with the MARVEL Micro-AUV range from SEABER.

By Katie Kelly, BlueZone Group


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