2G Robotics has released its Optical Identification AUV payload which is available for the L3HARRIS OceanServer Iver3 Open System AUV. The payload enables remote mine identification from an AUV platform to limit risk, reduce mission time, and improve the covertness of Mine Countermeasure operations. This modular payload can integrate into new or existing vehicles and collects high resolution stills images and 3D laser data.

2 2G Robotics Optical ID Payload on IVER3 AUV2G Robotics Optical ID Payload on IVER3 AUV

2G Robotics’ has worked with L3HARRIS OceanServer to integrate the ULS-500 Micro laser scanner and 2G OBSERVER stills camera into the Iver3 Open System EP payload module. The system employs the vehicle’s existing navigational system to offer high accuracy geo-located data for the remote assessment of mine-like-objects. This is made possible with the new 2G Robotics miniaturized micro laser scanner that can deliver high accuracy laser data on a man-portable vehicle, a feature previously only possible on large AUVs.

“With the ULS-500 micro we have proven that laser scanning and high-resolution imaging is achievable on man-portable AUVs. This new technology is changing how MCM missions employ AUV assets, reducing the number of diver deployments needed to identify targets” states Chris Gilson, Product Development Manager for 2G Robotics.

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