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Bluefin: An Affordable Bio-logging Skin Made from Common Materials

Living creatures are loaded with sensors. We see, here, taste, and smell using devices loaded onto an ambulatory vessel capable of traversing land or water: our bodies. But that is far from the only sensory organ providing information about the world around us.

Cloud Cover: Two Big Data Initiatives with Ocean Applications

If you have attended any major ocean conferences during the past few years, you have heard the phrase: Big Data. In general, this refers to the unprecedented availability of open data that can be used to advance science, fine-tuning compute models and predictions, and improve products and services.

Bionic Jellyfish

Using microelectronics, researchers have increased the efficiency and speed of swimming jellyfish.

Offshore Wind Power Cables

An emerging offshore energy capability in the U.S. provides a chance to apply lessons learned elsewhere.

Smart Sea Gliders

Scientists from the U.S. Navy are optimizing the way ocean glider data is collected and used.


Designing lab-on-a-chip devices for the deep sea has its challenges. Found out how Dalhousie University’s Dr. Vincent Sieben is solving them.

The Metamorphosis of the Argos System

The French Space Agency, CNES, has launched its first Argos nanosatellite. Find out how this technology could revolutionize ocean observing.


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