There is virtually no U.S. supply chain for offshore wind cable.
Our editor looks beyond the headlines
Unmanned systems are becoming essential to the U.S. Navy mission.
The expanding ability of remotely operated vehicle (ROV) to work on the seafloor for extended period while being supported from a remote onshore...
G. Allen Brooks gives his insights.
It’s critical that hurricane predictions improve on forecasting intensity.
From breakthrough tech to makeshift solutions, two firsthand witnesses look back at some of the pioneering offshore applications of remotely...
The President & CEO of BIRNS talks about his company’s commitment to integrity.
Connectivity and big data are critical to offshore industries, but remote access presents a challenge.
Robert Wernli worked at the Navy lab in San Diego during the pioneer days of remotely operated vehicle (ROV) development.
Find out how the U.S. Navy is using UUVS to detect and dispose of maritime mines in a volatile region.
What impact will companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Amazon have on the submarine cable market?
Researchers surveying the Black Sea found dozens of sunken ships preserved in the cool, unoxygenated waters along the deep seabed.

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