Scientists from the U.S. Navy are optimizing the way ocean glider data is collected and used.
Designing lab-on-a-chip devices for the deep sea has its challenges. Found out how Dalhousie University’s Dr. Vincent Sieben is solving them.
ON&T interviewed MTS President, Dr. Richard Spinrad in advance of the Oceans ‘19 Conference and Exhibition.
Having fine-tuned its passive drifting technology, the Ocean Cleanup faces several milestones in 2020. First, though, they need to prove their...
The French Space Agency, CNES, has launched its first Argos nanosatellite. Find out how this technology could revolutionize ocean observing.
ON&T spoke with representatives from Teledyne Marine about their world-class products and service.
Shell’s largest floating platform in the Gulf of Mexico weights 120,000 tons. We look at how it went from a plan to a producer...
High-quality bathymetric data is essential to accurate ocean mapping. ON&T looks at some of the main tools used in gathering data for ocean...
ULC Robotics is reducing risk and cost for offshore wind inspections via their line of unmanned aerial vehicles. We dig into how this amazing tech...
Lockheed Martin made a major investment in Ocean Aero’s revolutionary vehicles. Find out why.
As ongoing discoveries rock the underwater archaeology world, ON&T asks how private corporations, charitable foundations, and governments can...
Route preparation and cable burial for offshore renewables present daunting challenges, but Oceaneering provides experience-backed technology that...
This high-tech sampler from Harvard University safely captures even the most delicate sea-creatures.

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