New Cost-Effective Multibeam Sonar for Compact USV

New Cost-Effective Multibeam Sonar for Compact USV
(Image credit: Evologics)

EvoLogics, a German provider of underwater communication and positioning systems, continues to make waves in the marine robotics industry with their Sonobot 5 Uncrewed Surface Vehicle (USV).

The vehicle is already a field-proven product with steady, dependable, and scalable serial manufacturing, with a series of hardware upgrades planned for 2023.

Enhancements include the EvoLogics’ exciting announcement of a new multibeam echosounder option for the Sonobot 5 USV, the EvoLogics Multibeam, which will be unveiled at Ocean Business 2023 in Southampton, UK in April.

The new multibeam sonar, designed specifically for the Sonobot 5, is based on a Norbit OEM solution, an entry-class multibeam sonar with a professional approach. The EvoLogics Multibeam comes with a high-grade dual GNSS and INS positioning and motion control which is standard for all Norbit echosounders. With 256 beams at 1.45° x 1°, a range of over 200 m, and a ping rate of 50 Hz, this system enables professional surveillance that complies with the IHO’s S-44 standard.


The new sonar offers the advantages of multibeam riverbed mapping in a compact and lightweight unit that seamlessly integrates with the vehicle.

The smart and highly integrated design of the Sonobot 5 enables outstanding one-man transportation and deployment. With powerful thrusters and a full working day battery capacity, the Sonobot 5 represents the smallest and easiest-to-handle autonomous vehicle equipped with a professional multibeam sonar.


All incoming data is stored onboard the vehicle and displayed to the operator at the land station live during the mission. The system is compatible with Norbit data collection tools and all third-party software packages currently supported by the Norbit WBMS sonar family for easy post-processing of the collected data.

The EvoLogics Multibeam offers high-resolution imaging and mapping of the seafloor with faster and more detailed bathymetric surveys compared to a single beam echosounder. The choice of echosounder technology depends on the specific requirements and budget of each survey project, and EvoLogics' team of experts is readily available to advise on the most effective solution for a particular task.


Attendees at Ocean Business 2023 will have the opportunity to see the Sonobot 5 equipped with the new EvoLogics Multibeam in action during the conference’s Training & Demonstration Programme, scheduled to take place on April 18th at 11:30.

EvoLogics' expert operators will perform bathymetric scans with the upgraded USV, using the new multibeam, single beam echosounder, and a side-scan sonar imaging of a designated site to give observers a hands-on example of the most common and suitable survey missions performed with the Sonobot 5.

The demonstration will then focus on underwater search and reconnaissance, showcasing the object recognition technology that automatically detects and visually highlights objects of interest via the control software onshore. This AI-based system offers faster and more accurate surveys, reducing the workload and pressure on the operator.

With both their European and American teams prepared to take on difficult new projects together, EvoLogics is excited to join the industry community at Ocean Business 2023. The team looks forward to discussing the new Evologics Multbeam for Sonobot 5 at stand M4.

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