Mitigating Disaster: Remote Pipeline Inspection Technologies

Often referred to as the arteries of the offshore oil and gas industry, subsea pipelines serve as essential logistical infrastructure to support and connect offshore E&P assets. Potential weaknesses can trigger catastrophic consequences.

Therefore, the design, construction, and management of such assets are fundamental considerations when trying to calibrate operational efficiency with operational integrity. Once in service, however, the predominant motivation for subsea pipeline inspection tends to mirror the base requirements decreed by the various regulatory bodies. As such, historically, in-situ inspection practices have tended to be more of a reactionary measure within the accepted parameters of risk.

This story was featured in ON&T October 2020. Click here to read.

By Thomas Aas Sæthre, Integrity Management and Data Solutions, Oceaneering International; John Kelly McDowell, Director of Technology, Integrity Management and Data Solutions, Oceaneering International; Matt Smith, Director of Emerging Technology for Brazil, Oceaneering International