Automating the Future, Today

Automating the Future, Today
SAFE-C2 being field tested under different scenarios and distances up to 5 km.(Photo credit: Greensea)

There is one universal truth that unites every marine business, past, present, and future.

This unifying factor is risk. The minute a ship sails or a dive is initiated, the risk to life, limb, and wallet increases substantially. This risk has been true throughout history with fortunes being made, or as likely, lost at sea. This truth is even more apparent during a pandemic. One obvious way to reduce this human element of risk is to keep people out of harm’s way. Imagine a future of unmanned ships operating robots offshore that are supervised by operators comfortably seated in an onshore office. Technology advancements have made this possible and Greensea is working to make this future a reality.

To read the full story, which was featured in ON&T January 2021, click here.

By Dawn D’Angelillo, Marketing Director, Greensea Systems, Inc.


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