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Universal land and beach joint

The A-2-Sea universal joint is extensively used globally with more than 100 joints in service with no reported faults. A-2-Sea has achieved this level of reliability with an extensive testing programme which exceeds the established industry standards and requirements, simulating worse case installation and operational conditions.

Key features are:

  • Capable of being used as a junction unit combining two land cables to one marine cable or vice versa.
  • Connection to in-line power filters.
  • Allows for optical and power cables to be reliably connected at the Beach Joint.
  • Over 100 joints in service globally with 100% reliability performance.

Shallow water joint

A-2-Sea has successfully designed and qualified a purpose-built, universal shallow water subsea cable joint, which delivers customers high reliability with a significantly lower component and equipment cost.

The importance of a reliable, properly assembled joint by a certified jointer for subsea cable installation or repair cannot be overstated. The A-2-Sea joint is designed and developed to meet the key design requirements of reliability, ease of assembly using minimal specialist equipment, versatility and cost effectiveness.

The joint has been designed to easily accommodate a wide variety of cable designs from different manufacturers, and we are continuously developing the joint to ensure it is qualified for any new cable variants for powered or non-powered systems. The key feature of the A-2-Sea joint is its universal base design which allows for a wide variety of different cable designs by manufacturers.

Key features are:

  • Simplicity and cost-effectiveness. Smaller than conventional joints, faster to construct, reduced training requirement, tools can be hand carried.
  • Approved by major subsea system owners, installers, operators, manufacturers and cable suppliers.
  • Qualified with over 30 different cable designs.
  • A-2-Sea provides installation or repair support with qualified jointers and equipment.

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